Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May 31st...

Hello to all!

We have officially started our monumental trek across the United States. For those of you who may just have stumbled upon this blog, let me outline what the plans are. Our family of 11 is traveling in a RV across the U.S. With the trailer we are pulling, we are a little over 50' traveling down the road. The plan is to be gone for two months, with only a very rough idea of the route. The current route, subject to change at any time without prior notice, is that we will loop down through the Southern States, hit the East Coast, and then return via the Northern States. I will keep you posted of all the interesting, and uninteresting, details of the trip as we go along.

We left our house late as usual. (Though, if you expect to be late can it truly be called late?) In spite of all the obstacles that stem from packing for 11 people's needs over the next two months, we were on the road by 3 pm, heading south for Fresno. Nothing interesting occurred on Highway 99, except for the usual traffic. First stop, my Uncle David & Aunt Paula's house. We made it to their house by 8 pm, just in time for dinner .
Thomas wanted to ride the motorcycle to Fresno, due to the fact that he had to swing through Oakdale on the way South. (Thank you Kjeldgaards!) By the time he caught up with us he was quite a bit sorer, and a little less enthused about straight, flat, freeway riding. Oh well, he will have to wait until we hit the back roads to have his fun.

Most of us kids spent the drive down sleeping; late night packing can be quite exhausting. By the time we get out of California everyone will be rested, and ready to tackle any adventures that may come our way. Stay tuned!

P.S. I will be posting pictures from the trip as soon as I figure out how to accomplish it.