Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nick: Through the ages pt. 1

Nick holds a pivotal spot in the Hector household. He used to be the baby of our clan, but he got promoted when the rest of our family arrived. This created some fascinating relational dynamics that cannot possibly be accurately described in this venue, so we will examine other areas of his life.
He will do anything for a laugh; these pictures will prove it.

Can you both pose for a portrait and hide from it at the same time? Yes.

Nick delights whenever my hair is in disarray. Now it is my turn to be amused.

Photographic proof that boys cannot be allowed to wear makeup.

Posing in Death Valley. Don't worry, nobody died.

Nick went fishing. he caught a frog.

The beach can be exhausting, especially when you enjoy it Nicky style.

Serious moments are few and far between in Nick's life.

Nick's love of books and reading creates a unique set of problems.

I admit it. The Hector boys have a hat problem.

Nick's dream of becoming a pirate was dashed when he learned that they don't have a dental plan.

I can't begin to think of a caption for this one. Any ideas?

Athleticism, Nick style.

Don't worry, it isn't contagious.

Nick has a strange problem involving inanimate objects that are shaped like predators. He has been the meal of many dangerous sculptures.

Even folding chairs pose a health risk to Nick.


Nick has never had any problem amusing himself.

Nick is a big, big John Wayne fan. Ask Jean about the time John Wayne's character died in a movie.

This is Nick. If you know him, chances are you have a strong opinion about him. He is a work in progress. We love him, he drives us crazy but we couldn't live without him.

be safe,
Hec @ 19

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The snow has returned

Well Ben, you missed it again. Once again our yard has been transformed into a winter wonderland. Thomas, Anthony and I took a few shots as we enjoyed the drought busting play stuff.

Tabletop snowmen are easy on the back.

Sara rides again!!

Smiling has always come easy to Becky.

Nobody said this was easy.

This peculiar image is our only evidence that Thomas was there.

This is a rare and wondrous sight; I feel privileged to have been there to witness it and capture it on film as proof that it actually happened.

Go Jonathan, GO!!

Pretty wife, pretty view.

Fort Anthony will be defended at any cost.

Holding a camera is no defense from a ruthless horde of snowball packing roughnecks.

Direct hit!!!

If three damsels attack their father...

...then he must repel the attack with shock and awe...

This is my weapon of choice. Mechanical advantage can be a wonderful thing. We went without power for 30 hours during this last storm; the horse and sheep are grumbling about their pasture being covered up. The weather report calls for more snow tonight, stay tuned...
be safe,
Hec @ 19

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Matthew through the ages, pt. 1

Please prepare yourself for the newest installment of our through the ages series. Though not as fuzzy, Matthew is almost as cute as a newborn lamb.

Matthew is a joy to have around. He is a cheerful helper and a good big brother.

Soccer was Matthew's greatest passion when he first became a Hector. For whatever reason, God in his infinite wisdom put Matthew in the worst possible family for Matthew to pursue a career as a soccer player. There must be a reason.

Matthew consults the dictionary, which warms my heart. There is more to life than sports!

You may know Matthew to be a quiet, unassuming young man. The truth is, he knows how to have fun in a big way, and there is more to him than meets the eye.

Look out below!! Matthew's coming through!!

His athleticism was evident when he took a gymnastics class. He is strong, coordinated and has great endurance.

Matthew is light on his feet.
A real blue ribbon kid!!

Nothing bugs Matthew!!

Ben is teaching him the fine art of dressing up.

Matthew has displayed a great eye as a photographer. This is one of many self portraits.

Matthew deserves a lot of the credit for the success of our melded family, and we love him very much. we believe that the Lord has big plans for this fine young man.

be safe,
Hec @ 19