Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random History

Family, friends, loved ones, pets of loved ones and strangers...

I have found myself with a couple of hours to kill, so my wonderful brother (Matthew) suggested that I write a blog post. No blog post is complete without pictures, and the only snapshots that I have are from awhile back. They are in no particular order... enjoy!

Since Matthew was the brains behind this post, he gets the spot of honor as the first picture. Doesn't that homemade pizza look absolutely delicious? More onions Matthew, more onions!!

I can't remember the occasion, but we had a pirate party with just the family a couple years back. I think Sara makes the cutest little scallywag ever!

Through rain, sleet, snow or hail... the ambulance driver must go to work! You do notice that I have my all important pillow and sleeping bag though, right? Brrrr.....

After a hard day of playing in the snow, people do random acts of relaxation.

Moab, Utah. One of the best places in the US after the greatest ride I've ever been on.

Teddy Roosevelt once said: "Speak softly and carry a big stick". The Hectors say: "Speak softly and ride on a big gun".

Question: How many heads of romaine does it take to make lettuce juice for eleven people? Anton knows (who drinks lettuce juice anyway?).

Our family is decked out with all the bells and whistles... well... at least the bells.

Now Ben, is that any way to treat a lady? Or, are you trying to save her?

Salt Lake, Utah. Not the best place to be if you have any sense of smell at all.

Yum! Camping food flambe! And camping fuel flambe!

The view is amazing from 11,000 feet up! Now those are mountains...

So does this mean that he has Nic's heart? Do a cardiac massage Joe!!

My baby sister has grown up sooooo much in the last couple of years!! She was (is) adorable!!

When one has as many kids as Mom does, extreme measures have to be taken when making dinner.

More post-snow relaxation.

And in the snow fun!

I think Ben looks a little like Little Joe from Bonanza here. Or maybe Hoss?

Now, I will leave you with a picture that you have to guess what it is. I will give you a hint. It is not a flamingo. Good luck.