Wednesday, April 5, 2006

A Day Away...

Fresh from the mountain.......

I have observed an interesting phenomena, when one is feeling overwhelmed with work it is very relaxing to spend a day not worrying about all the things that need to be done. This is especially effective when you promise yourself that you are truly going to take a rest, and not make a list of those important items that should be getting done while you are resting. I have come back from such a day with a rejuvenated work ethic, and I am hoping this feeling will last until at least 6am tomorrow morning so that I can rouse myself from my very warm and comfortable bed.

Today we went to see an "abridged" version of The Secret Garden musical. Even though I am not technically in our homeshool group, since I am now in college, there still arise times when I am able to go on a field trip and call myself a chaperone. (Don't you need at least a 1-3 ratio of kids to adults at a homeschooling event?) Today was one of those days where the mountain of work that I mentioned previously was almost completed; however, as is common, a new one had taken its place and I was feeling like I would not be able to attend the play. When I told my mom last night she said I should do what I felt was best, but encouraged me to go and relax for a day. It was exactly what I needed. (I love my mom, she knows me better then I know myself!!!)

Afterwards everybody went to McDonald's to grab a bite to eat. My family has never been a big fan of McD's, but everyone else was going so we made a compromise in the interest of fellowship. All the younger kids ate there, and I went to BajaFresh and Jack In The Box to satisfy the older members of the family. Does anyone else feel guilty combining food from multiple fast food restaurants under a single roof? I always feel like there going to throw me out as an infidel or a spy!

After quadrupling the time I ever spent in a McDonalds we did the weekly shopping, which with eleven of us is more like an expedition then a quick snatch and grab. I see the people with the huge carts, and only one or two items in them; three apples and a lonely loaf of bread at a time. We are lugging two carts around, trying to balance the eight cornflake boxes on a already mounded cart of frozen veggies, bread and canned goods. The funny thing is the checkers all know us, and their eyes have even stopped bugging out when we get in line. At least we stand out, it gives us the ability to establish a relationship where others just get lost in the crowd of ten-item-or-less shoppers. Look for those opportunites to stand out, they can be ministry opportunities in the making.

I finished my Alcott book, and I loved it as usual. Started "Quo Vadis" by Henryk Sienkiewicz (I like my name.). So far it is a good book, though in the traditional Eastern Europe writing manner they throw lots of names at you, and expect you to keep them straight. Have you ever read "War and Peace"? It helps if you keep a list of all the different characters with their full names, familiar names, nicknames, and abbreviated names!!!!

Well, 6am comes early, and I have lots to do tomorrow. (I know, those of you strange people that get up at 4am think I am sleeping in!)

Deus Primus!


Tuesday, April 4, 2006


Hello cyberspace!

I had often contemplated starting a blog; however, it had not become a priority so I had been putting it off. After a recent assessment of the benefits and drawbacks of sharing thoughts with the rest of the Web I decided that it was about the same as standing on a high mountain shouting down into a valley far below. The chances of anyone hearing me are slim, so I can pretty much ramble on about anything I want. Those of you who know me, are aware of my love of rambling.

As this is my first post I thought I should begin with an introduction. This is in the interest of becoming a round character (I am taking English 102, so strange literary words will pepper my musings.) that has a bit of depth, instead of another boring person yelling from a mountain. It seems to me that those people that just sit quietly on a mountain are considered wiser, and people come to them!!!

Call me Ishmael. Wait, wrong name.....

Call me Benjamin, or Ben if you prefer. I am currently twenty years old and will cross over to the august age of twenty one on May 28th of this year. I live in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains on a twenty acre ranch with my family. Our family measures eleven strong, while I am the eldest of the nine children, six of whom we adopted. Life is never boring at our house!

Currently most of my energies are directed at my schoolwork. I am working towards a Bachelors degree at Liberty University, of which I am half way through my sophomore year.

My one true love is reading. My mother taught me to read using "Go Dog, Go!" when I was six and I have tried to read everything I could get my hands on since that day. Currently I am indulging myself and reading my favorite author, Jane Austen. I found her first book "Inheritance" at the library, and figured that I could spare the time from my school work to relax for a bit.

Speaking of schoolwork, it is ten o'clock and I have mountains of assignments. The time has come to apply myself and see if I can reduce that mountain to a more surmountable mole-hill. TTFN.

Deus Primus,