Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One... Two... Three strikes you're out

This post comes solely from the heart of our little community. No other influences from outside towns have been allowed to contaminate this picture-full entry. Enjoy.

Seeing as we were all getting tired of the hill that we play baseball on, I decided to take the boys down the hill to where the local “real” baseball diamond is. Here is the result of the outing.

Ben took Dad’s car to work, Dad took my truck to work, we took Ben’s car to town. It’s a GM, we call it the “Granny Mobile”.

It was quite an exciting trip down the hill. The car only has an AM radio, so Matthew brought the iPod and the portable speakers.

Arriving at the field, pro ball player: Anthony got his glove ready for catching.

Matthew was up to hit a few fly balls.

Look at that form!

That’s a picture of a guy who just hit a grand slam, if I ever saw one.

Anthony and Jonathan were out catching. Jump Jonathan, jump!!!

Meet the guy who can throw the farthest in the family.

Jonathan likes soccer more than baseball.

Isn’t there a “no hands” rule in soccer though?

My holy jeans and I decided to hit a couple balls out to the guys.

Anthony was next. Power behind that swing!

One of Anthony’s hits came flying out to the field. Matthew hit the ground right in front of me with the camera to try and get a picture as I caught. The ball reached its apex in the air and started coming down right towards an unexpecting Matthew who had his eye pressed to the viewfinder. He didn’t fully realize that the ball was about to hit him until I was standing directly over him and he heard the sound of the “thwack” of ball meeting the glove. However, he did get a shot.

Coming out of the on deck circle was Jonathan, who provided a fair share of uncontrollable laughter when we looked at the pictures later. His face was priceless in every shot, so I couldn’t leave any out.

Finally he decided to smile for the camera.

He will go for all balls thrown to him. Even the ones 6 feet above his head.

I was ready to field any ball that Jonathan hit.

Even the staged hits.

Matthew too. Knees bent, and glove outstretched.

The ball players were hot, dirty, thirsty and ready for the trip home.

But first a quick stop to get something cool to drink.

It was a good day.