Sunday, February 21, 2010

Keeping things fresh

It's a proven fact; If you don't update the blog regularly, readership falls off. The trouble is, there come moments in our household when nothing much is going on. This post reflects such a lull. Without an event to provide a theme, an alternative has to be found.

Thomas and I both got new phones at Christmas time and we have made liberal use of the cameras that are built into them. This post is a product of those two cameras.

Beware of any device that can cause trance like stares.

Taken last Saturday, this shot is of Ben as he rests part way into his 88.3 mile bicycle ride from home to Pastor's house.

Thomas crocheted this hat and gave it to Grandma.

Jonathan makes hash browns while Matthew whips up omelets for everyone. That was a GREAT breakfast!

We went to Grandma's for Valentine's day. This photo suggests that we weren't having a good time, and it is true that one important person was missing, but it really was an enjoyable day.

Mother Dear with her blank expression, and Nic with his favorite leather jacket waiting to give up some blood.

People make fun of my cheap glasses. They are especially tickled when I stack up two pair on my nose. I bought an expensive pair of bifocals once. They didn't last very long. Here is a pair of my Walgreen's cheapos. I was chasing a chicken when the glasses flew off my face and landed under foot. This is why I don't buy expensive glasses.

Mrs. H and I went on a very rare excursion without children. This is the back side of our local museum. We were delightfully surprised by what we found and promised ourselves that we would come back with the whole family.

This ancient bear skin was one of the curious exhibits.

Now wait a minute! I thought Miwok meant squirrel!!

This is what I see when I look down.

Have you ever wondered what the inside of an ambulance looked like while driving across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco? Well, now you know.

The skyline of San Francisco from the inside of an ambulance. This is really unimpressive after watching the Olympics and seeing the various shots of the skyline of Vancouver.

Anthony's hair got totally out of control!! Don't worry, it has been expertly shorn by his brother and he is back to his respectable self again.

We are searching for a place to hold the West Coast reception for Tiffany & Ben's wedding. This castle has some wonderful features, but the amenities (i.e. porta-potties) seemed a little inadequate for our guests.

Nick was right at home here.

How many bricks does it take to build a castle?

Ben is something of a clothes horse. Here he is, looking rather dapper as he descends the spiral staircase.

I seem to take a bunch of pictures while in an ambulance. Weird. This is a massive cloud with the sunset bouncing off. Lots of man-made distractions in this shot, but the cloud is truly amazing.

Waste not, want not.

Doesn't this look like the ultimate Hector vehicle? It only needs to be pulling a trailer full of motorcycles to complete the package.

Another "from an ambulance" shot. This is the local Cal Fire station with a light dusting of snow. The firefighters here are seasonal (they get a long vacation during Winter), so they rarely see it with the white fluffy stuff coming down.

Some times the clothes horse gets bucked off.

Fresh roadside, roadkill BBQ anyone?

A dear friend from the Lone Star State loaned us a star. You don't have to wear flannel to hold a star, but you can if you want to.

Is your mama a llama? Does your dress resemble the one in the book?

Gumbo!! Purple is Laura's color.

Sara's face is lit up because she is about to enjoy a rare treat.

Take five young men, five computers, a tangle of cables and one game. Add a little technical savvy and a rainy Saturday afternoon. The result is five interconnected computers and a technological triumph.

Jonathan loves Mexican food. He is a chip off the old block.

Brotherly and sisterly love.

Motherly and daughterly love.

Funny, we're twins in all but hair color.

Sara is practicing her grandma skills. She'll make a good abuela someday.


No computers here, but still plenty of fun.

Christmas dinner to be. Dad was gone. Ben was gone. Carving was left to me.

My little sister is **sniff** growing up!! **sniff**

I couldn't resist this shot. There was a set of matching leather luggage in one of these bright red vehicles. Can you guess which one?

The clothes horse has once again been bucked from the saddle.

Having a camera in your pocket means that lots of little moments are captured that would have otherwise been lost. The quality does not compare to our big cameras, but what good is quality if it's sitting on the shelf?

be safe,
Thomas & Hec @ 19