Saturday, May 22, 2010

Recovery mode

We are slowly beginning to recover from the wedding. Here's a little bit of what we've been up to since that big day. By the way, these shots are not in chronological order.

Ben and Tiff were taken to Chicago to catch a plane to destinations unknown. The departure time was late, so we spent some time seeing the city. Here we see the newlyweds in front of "the Bean". Are they contemplating the bean or themselves?

Here we see all of the bean and most of the family. I was forced to drive around as there was no parking to be had for our 50 foot long RV and trailer.

Ben loves Chicago's elevated transit system, affectionately known as "the El" and he begged for someone to grab a photo. Thanks Mrs. H.!

Cody Winton and the rest of the Winton Family serenaded us at the E. family home.

We spent the night in a Target parking lot after dropping Ben & Tiff off. In the morning we went to a Chicago museum that contains a German U boat. Not a replica, not a fake, but a real live actual no foolin' U boat. The Germans had attempted to scuttle the boat to prevent it from falling into Allied hands, but they failed. It's a fascinating bit of history, especially if you are a war buff.

Jonathan will keep the free world safe from tyranny when he joins the Coast Guard.

When you and your buddies set out to blow up Liberty ships in the Atlantic, be sure you take along a few groceries.

The business end of a German killing machine and the Hectors.

On our way out we look for and failed to find a Main Exit. We therefore had a little fun with the Main Entrance before leaving.

It's easy to spot the hicks in a big city. They tend to reveal themselves.

No H. family RV trip would be complete without a little damage, and this trip has been no exception. We were driving down the road, minding our own business when the rear view mirror decided that it had reached the end of its journey. We didn't hit anything, it simply abandoned its post.

Sadly, the little mirror has not been our greatest tragedy on this trip. I can only blame myself and some very bad driving for what happened to Mr. R's brick pillar. If you think that's bad, wait till you see the side of the RV.

To paraphrase Maxwell Smart; "Hit it by THAT much!" Wendell, our RV mechanic said that he has a solution to this problem. We covered the gaping hole with a large sheet of Plexiglas and continued on. Have I ever mentioned that I have memorized my insurance agent's phone number, and that the receptionist knows my voice?

Ben and Tiffany left their reception in a borrowed shiny red Jeep. Ben had never driven a Jeep before. I explained to him that Jeeps are the most unstable vehicle on the road. That really got his attention. Less than a week later we happened upon this poor fellow and we grabbed a couple of shots to prove my point.

As Mr. D. is fond of saying; " Drive slow and steer fast." This unfortunate lad got it backward. He and I are a lot alike.

Back to the fun stuff: We aren't the only Californians in Illinois. Eva and Becky had a lot of fun at the annual Presbytery meeting.

Thomas decided to duck into a local greasy spoon for a quick bite. Then he asked the waiter for the bill. I quack me up!!

Chef Anthony helped in the kitchen and impressed our hostess.

Let's finish off with a few behind the scenes wedding photos.

be safe and stay married,

Hec @ land of Lincoln

Sunday, May 16, 2010