Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bahamas Expedition...

After a short nap (nine days to be exact) the world travelers woke up, and decided that it was time to write a long awaited for blog post. For those of you that didn't know, our gracious Grandmother took Nic and I (Matthew) on an eight day cruise to the Bahamas. It was quite an experience for the both of us. We enjoyed seeing new places and people.

Following are a few pictures...

We visited the Islands of Nassau, Saint Thomas and Saint Maarten. Can you find them on the map?

Early, early, early in the morning (6:00am)...We took a bus from our hometown to San Francisco.

The view outside the plane window. It was my first flight so I sat by the window! *grin*

Leaving our hotel room in Fort Lauderdale, Fl...Heading towards the "Oasis of the Seas".

The "Oasis of the Seas". It was HUGE!
For more info...

We were protected by the one and only, Coast Guard.

Our Room. Basic but functional.

Our awesome steward, "Omar". He was cool!

The Center of the Ship...All of the trees you see in the center courtyard are real.

Grandma on the carousel; she's young at heart.

Nic the next "Lance". *cough*

The ship had many entertaining shows, one of them being, "Hairspray". It was incredibly good! I was hoping for Les Misérables, but oh-well.

*The Beast Below*

We arrived at Nassau... It was really humid (Remember, we are from California)!
The scenery was gorgeous.

The Streets of Nassau. Nic is actually wearing shorts.

We found a cemetery!!! (It's a family tradition)

Can you read it?

Hey Thomas, we arrived at St. Thomas.

Iguanas are everywhere there, like cats here.

112 steps...My legs were killing me after we climbed them. I guess I should be doing P90X with Anton.

The streets of St. Thomas. People drive on the wrong side of the road and Stop signs are only suggestions. Scary!


We arrived at St. Maarten. Unfortunately it was raining cats and iguanas soooo we didn't explore much, but we did get extremely wet.

After the cruise was over we saw the sights of Florida on an air boat.

The group was on the lookout for alligators or crocodiles. Not sure which.

Aha! We found one!!!(Not sure if it's an alligator or crocodile)

Last but not least we killed time at a local shopping mall - Florida's biggest mall, "Sawgrass Mills Mall". It looked like the malls in California.

I will end with one of the lovely sunsets from our cruise.

After flying 9 hours we arrived in California (we circled above SF for 3 hours before we could land)! There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

It was a good trip! All three of us had a great time and would do it again in a heartbeat!
Thank you Grandma!!!

Until next time. ~Matthew