Tuesday, May 1, 2012

On the Road Again!

It’s been a long while since anyone has posted on the Hector Cord Blog. We’ve just been very busy with daily life – holidays, church, school, wisdom teeth, first grandbaby’s first birthday and the anticipated arrival of grandbaby number 2 in the next month or so.
These changes have meant that our travelin’ days in the RV are numbered. Our family is slowly changing – the children are growing up and beginning their own families. They are still a huge part of our lives, but not under our roof.   For example: http://www.asimplerenaissance.blogspot.com/
But now that another May is almost upon us, we once again have an opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of our sister churches from around the country.

After much deliberation, the family still at home agreed that we would make the trek again, this time to the Nebraska/Iowa area for this year’s Presbytery meeting. The players would include Dad and Mom, the seven at home Hectors – ages 12 to 20, plus 2 additional friends, Knox and Morgen, who will meet up with the rest of their own jet-set family in Iowa. Brave, brave friends!

The first step in travel preparations is always servicing the RV and then packing. Unfortunately, we did not know until the very last day whether we would be able to take our RV, so plan B for the trip included taking the van and a utility trailer. The RV mechanic finally told us “no” and we decided the van was our mode of transportation. Not ideal but still doable.

God, however had other plans. We were blessed by Knox and Morgen’s Aunt and Uncle who graciously loaned us their RV for the trek!!!!! Thank you again!!!! I’m sure the idea of 11 travelers riding for 30+ hours in a van was overwhelming for anyone’s thought processes. As I write this from inside the moving RV, I am eternally grateful to Uncle Robert, Aunt Kristy and the good Lord!

Because the RV was not ours, Dave did not want to drive it up our driveway. We parked it at our neighbors’. The packing was completed in two phases – first load everything in the van and suburban and then offload those items to the RV.

 Isn’t that an incredible RV!


Hectors are traditionalists. Therefore, every trip begins with a group photo in front of the vehicle. Say cheese!!

We never feel like we are really traveling until we actually leave our own state behind.

One other traditional activity on a Hector trip is stopping at the Atlantis Buffet in Reno. We know you are missing this part Ben and Thomas!

They have the best buffet in town!

The kiddos wanted to bring this back for you, Ben, but Mom decided it wouldn’t be good 2 weeks from now. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Nic decided he would try his first taste of “oyster on the half shell” at Atlantis. A picture is worth a thousand words!

We were a tad behind schedule because of our transportation turmoil and that threatened to cut into our time to visit with the McD’s. Since we had an RV, not a van, and several drivers, the decision was made to perform a marathon all-nighter non-stop dash across the country journey. Join us now as we chronicle events from the first day, and night, on the road.  Remember, boredom and weariness took their toll.

Knox and Matthew drove first and second, respectively. Nic was left with the first night shift and the road through the Rocky Mountain pass.

Dad took the graveyard shift and Mom sat up with him, at least most of the night. Ahhhh, morning has broken.


Signage on Day 2. 

This one is for Thomas & Lindsey! If you can, read the sign closely.

The Midwest has more than its share of bugs and we met a great many of them.

It was time for our once a day meal break outside the coach, as we pulled into Des Moines, Iowa. We prefer to seek out local fare rather than rely on too familiar franchises – Drake’s Diner delights Des Moines with daily delectables

We’ve been traveling since 9am yesterday and should arrive at our first destination sometime around midnight tonight! 39 hours on the road makes for a tired crew. We thank the Lord for His safety and provision!

~written by Mom & Dad~


kaliste said...

Wow! And I was complaining about our 11 people in the van for 13 hrs! :)

Glad y'all are going to be out here! We're going to have a blast! Be safe, and stay awake while driving. :)

Joe said...

Hope you all are having a great time!
So how was the oyster Nic?!

Can't wait for more photos!


MemoriesToTreasure said...

Sara, why were you looking at your finger?

Have fun you all!

WeLoveKaren said...

Looks like a blast! Wish we were there to spend this precious time with you.

Aunt Kristy said...

Wow! That is real boredom to make a 'foot face'!!! Have fun! Love Auntie

hm nds said...

So clue us in on the Happy Jack Road joke.

Nic, I see Knox has a Dell. :)

Dave, is this a similar position you take in the fire truck?

The Walkers said...

Kevin flew into Des Moines about 20 minutes ago. I know he's looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow! Enjoyed the pictures, as always!

Yvonne said...

I was so glad to see a new blog post from your family!

Unknown said...

Loved the pix! Looked familiar to me, having grown up in that neck of the woods! ;) Looking forward to more...

Matthew Davies said...

A blog post!! Sounds like you're having fun out there!

Jessica McDonald said...

I'm finally leaving a comment!!! Yes, I didn't touch a computer while y'all were with us - I just have too much fun.

But now that y'all are gone, I'm sitting here looking at your blog and missing y'all!! This trip looks like it was crazy but amazing. I'm soooo glad that y'all pulled the all-nighter and were able to come visit us for at least a day! It made us all so happy. :-) How are we going to wait a whole year before seeing y'all again?! It's just wrong! :-)

And keep posting!! I love y'all's blog posts. :-D Love & Hugs to all!!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine traveling so far, but it looks like a great time!